These Spring Travel Deals Are Smart Choices For Seasonal Explorers, Andrew M. Berke Says

andrew m. berkeSome hear “spring break” and they think raucous getaway to warmer climates where party towns marketing themselves to college-aged students are swarmed for a week or two. On the other hand, others hear “spring break” and they think much-needed get-away from the daily grind. According to a recent press release from the Netherlands-based Booking.com operation, savings can still be found despite an overall increase in travel fees of 2 percent. “There are still savings to be had, including a few popular destinations that stood out as being slightly less expensive throughout the seven-week travel period,” the Feb. 6, 2018 release states, noting that the spring break parameters are between March 17th and April 28th. What those dates tell travel expert Andrew M. Berke is that insider tips could go a long way to helping folks find a budget-friendly getaway.


Per the press release suggestions from Booking.com, which has nearly 200 offices in 70 countries across the globe, the best way to reap the most savings is to travel to destinations that have shown to be the cheapest according to when you’ll be visiting them. For those looking to get an early start on their spring break escape, the release notes that Ocean City, Maryland and Tampa, Florida are 29 percent and nine percent cheaper, respectively, during the week of March 17 through March 23. Cancun and Miami – two spring break mainstays for the younger crowd, are 23 percent and nine percent cheaper, respectively. Those looking to take a short hop out of a Florida airport will be greeted with world-class beaches in Cancun, says travel expert Andy Berke. Speaking of spring break for the college crowd, the Booking.com release states that trending “Spring Break destinations for young couples and groups” based off of current hotel bookings include New Orleans, Las Vegas and Nashville.


For those who may push their spring vacation to the end of the season, cheap travel and lucrative deals can still be had during the week of April 21 through April 28. Booking.com notes that Atlantic City is 25 percent cheaper during this time frame and those who’ve never been might want to give it a go. Boasting a nearby airport, boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of options when it comes to gambling in casinos, this Jersey Shore city has made a pronounced comeback in recent years. No matter which site you select, travel guide Andrew M. Berke says spring travel can be a great alternative to the busy summer season when the majority of Americans take to the skies and roadways.